February 15, 2010

New eHow eBook Finally Online

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Writing for eHow: You're Doing It Wrong

As promised, the new ehow ebook is now available.

I got some help on this one. You'll notice there's a fancy new website (goes nicely with the new blog layout, right?) I also put up an audiobook version of the book incase eBook aren't really your thing.

After much consideration, I decided to price it at $10, making it the most affordable eHow book available.

Speaking of which...I wrote this book after trying to find a good eBook on eHow. I noticed all the books used the same "I'm a super expert, look how much money I make!" format and wanted to do something different. I wrote this book almost in direct response to that.

It's got all the same information you'll find in everyone else's books, with a much more personal touch and smaller price tag. I would go a step further and say it has more information. I included chapters on:

- What the hell is this SEO stuff?
- Tweaking your articles to make more money
- Article promotion outside of Google
- Common eHow myths
- Article photo usage
- The top free backlink sites
- The Ultimate Writer's Block Solution

I wanted to provide the solution for everyone who's ever written for eHow and thought "Why aren't I making any money?" I'm really proud of it. Now there's finally an ehow book on the market for people like myself who wanted a real, down to earth discussion about these complicated topics.
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